Leapfrog helps bring focus to the passion, commitment and energy it takes to sustain and grow your nonprofit group, team or organization. Leapfrog is dedicated to helping you increase your effectiveness so you see greater results and better achieve your mission.

What is Leapfrog Training & Facilitation?

Leapfrog provides customized assessment, planning, training, facilitation, and follow up coaching and support services for nonprofits. And we're serious about ‘customized’ - we take the time and we ask the right questions to design the best solution for you and your organization.

Leapfrog is based in Oregon providing services throughout the state since 2005.

Why Choose Leapfrog?

Focused and Flexible
Our clients tell us they appreciate the great flow and pacing of our well-prepared programs and our ability to adapt our services best meet their needs. They also say that the individualized attention they receive really makes a difference. We do this by taking on a select number of clients throughout the year so that we can provide you and your project the time, attention and focus to ensure your success. We don't overbook.

We Keep You Involved
We keep you actively engaged and encourage your curiosity and your input. We want you to take an active part in creating the solution, the plan, the actions, to move your organization or team forward.

Challenging and Approachable
We are straightforward and will give you a ‘nudge’ to think deeper, ask the hard questions, or, in a longer project, to stay with the program. Our clients tell us that they feel comfortable with us-that we are approachable, and in our workshops and programs, that we are easy to understand.

We make sure you end up with the most current and practical resources, skills and knowledge you need to help you ‘leapfrog’ ahead.

"Entire [strategic planning] program was interesting and productive. The ‘Hedgehog Concept’ activity was especially useful and intriguing. The facilitation was superb. The skill with which you prodded, guided, encouraged, was amazing. At our Board meeting this week, our Board Chair asked for feedback on our strategic planning experience [with Leapfrog]. It was the consensus that this was the best experience of this type that members had been involved in. For me it was head and shoulders above others."

--Mary-Curtis Gramely, Executive Director, Family Nurturing Center

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