Q. What if we are interested in topics besides those listed?
Leapfrog Training & Facilitation provides customized programs on topics you select. Contact us via phone or email for more information - we'll take the time find out how we can best help you to reach your goals. Leapfrog will provide you with the ‘best fit’ program or will help you locate the resources you need.

Q. What if we want to improve our organization, but we're not sure if training is the best approach?
Sometimes training is not the best solution. For example, one situation might be improved by new or updated policies and another by on-the-job coaching. Our initial intake with you includes focused questions to determine how to best meet your needs. We also conduct to other information-gathering activities when needed (e.g. focus groups, questionnaires or interviews), and we take the time to really listen to find out about you and your organization. Leapfrog will provide you with the most appropriate approach or will help you locate the resources you need.

Q. How much does a workshop or program cost?
Cost varies based on the length of the program, number of participants and materials to be included. We provide a detailed proposal including all costs following the initial intake. All costs except travel are included, so you won't have any surprises or worry about the ‘meter running.’

Q. Is it possible to join with another group to share in a program and its cost?
Yes. Some organizations and groups join together to co-sponsor a workshop or program when they would like a program on the same topic and when the makeup and size of the group works. Discuss this option with Leapfrog so we can help determine if this will be the best approach for you.

Q. Where are programs offered?
The location is arranged with the sponsoring organization, and often takes place at the sponsoring organization's site or at an off-site location selected by the sponsoring organization. Leapfrog is happy to provide information on potential retreat and program locations. Leapfrog travels to the location that works best for you.

Q. How is the date for the program determined?
Leapfrog works with you to mutually determine the best date and time for your program.

Q. Why the name, ‘Leapfrog?’
Remember the game of Leapfrog? Leapfrog was named for what we aim for in our work with you - moving forward (leapfroggin') and having fun!

Q. How can I contact Leapfrog?
Email: leapfrog4np@gmail.com
Office/Cell: (541) 678-5004


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